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Miss Lina's Broken Ankle


 I normally like to write about good news but this time I have unfortunately some bad news to share. While I was in Spain on my skydiving holiday, on one of the landings my parachute got caught by a thermal updraft and I had an unfortunate landing where I broke my ankle.

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Corporal Punishment

Miss Lina Corporal PunishmentIn my sessions I cater for both beginners and the more experienced and I love teaching naughty boys and girls manners. I have an array of implements for this purpose, paddles, straps, crops and canes, not forgetting I also give a very good over the knee hand spanking.

I can tie you down and give you a judicial caning if it is necessary to teach you your lesson or if you want a session where you cannot be marked I will also respect your limits. Role-play is something I very much enjoy and I can be anything from your strict aunt, headmistress or matron to taunting head prefect.


The Stepmother who catches her naughty stepson spying on her when she is getting changed. What will she do to him? Will she grab him by the ear and pull him in to her bedroom where she will take his trousers and underpants down and spank him? Will the spanking be enough to teach him a lesson or will she have to get the paddles, straps and maybe even the cane out to teach him a lesson?

Is this punishment going to be enough to cure the excitement of watching his beautiful stepmother getting changed, or is she going to teach him an extra humiliating lesson and force him to deal with his excitement himself under her watchful eye?


The Nextdoor Neighbour who catches a panty thief. What will Miss Lina do to the builder that has come to do some maintenance for her around the house when she finds him going through her underwear drawer and stealing her knickers? Is she going to tell his boss about the inapropriate behaviour or will she in her own way make sure that he is never going to repeat this?

Maybe if she makes him to strip down naked and put her knickers on before he receives a good, hard thrashing he will think twice before he does anything like this again.


The Strict Aunt. When Miss Lina finds a dirty magazine hidden under her nephews bed she decides that he needs to be taught a lesson about what happens to naughty boys who reads dirty, filthy magazines with pictures of naked women.

First of all she could make him experience what it feels like to be examined with no clothes on when she forces him to strip down naked and stand in the middle of the room with his hands on his head as she has a good look at him. Then she could go over to her wooden chest, where she keeps all her implements for dealing with naughty boys, and pick a choice few to deal with her nephew in a way he will not forget.


The Strict Boss will not tolerate any slack workers in her company and often she needs to pull new employees in to her office where she explains to them in a very firm manner what happens when they don't give their job a hundred percent. If someone has spent a bit too much time, in Miss Lina's oppinion, sitting on their lazy backside, she often calls them in to her office where she can put them over her knee to warm their bottom up with a firm, over the knee handspanking.

This hand spanking is then followed up with the slipper, sole and perhaps even the cane. All, of course, in the name of increased productivity and efficiency and to stop them from wanting to sit down full stop.

Every so often Miss Lina also makes all her employees line up outside her office door first thing in the morning and she calls them in one by one for a little "reminder spanking" to start the day off on the right foot.


The Headprefect Miss Lina could get you in to an awful lot of trouble with the headmistress if you don't do what she tells you to. If you have been a naughty boy or upset the headprefect or any of her friends in any way she will make sure you pay. Depending on how bad you have been and what mood she is in, you might just be in for a bare bottom spanking but odds are you will get a bit more than that, especially if you have upset her friends.

Miss Lina is known to have teased and taunted the boys and generally abused her position as headprefect at times, using methods not allowed for someone who is still really just a school girl, but none of the naughty boys would tell on her to the headmistress because after all, who will the headmistress believe, a naughty boy or her star pupil, the headprefect?


The Headmistress is someone most naughty boys fear and when they get called in to see Headmistress Miss Lina they know they are in big trouble.

Waiting to be called in to the headmistress's study the naughty boys will have sweaty palms and lots of thoughts going throug their heads. Which cane will be used on their bottom, how many strokes will they receive, will it be on the bare or over shorts, should they remove the excecise book from the seat of their pants because if the headmistress finds it they are really going to be in for it?

If it turns out that on top of you having been badly behaved, this isn't your first trip to the headmistress's study, then you will be in even more trouble and you are really going to have to grit your teeth for your punishment.


If you have a fantasy of your own you would like to act out I am more than happy to do this. I have a large warderobe full of different outfits, from nurse, cheerleader and RAF to police and business woman but if you have something in particular you want me to wear you are welcome to bring it along for your session.