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Unfortunately there are some issues with the video chat if you access it on an iPhone or an iPad so please try to use a pc or mac, laptop or macbook. I will work on getting this sorted and will keep you updated.

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The little apartment has been put back to normal and I am now leaving a beautiful and sunny Paris behind. I want to say thank you to everyone who came to visit me, I have had a wonderful time with great sessions. It was lovely to meet old and new friends and I hope to come back again in not too long.

Miss Lina x

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Miss Lina on Holiday

Miss Lina on HolidayI just wanted to let you all know that I am going to be away on holiday from 15th June to 5th of July so you will all have to try your best to stay well behaved without my help during this time.

Miss Lina x

Suspended Facebook Account


Unfortunately someone felt the need to report the account managing the "Miss Lina" Facebook page to Facebook and Facebook has suspended the account. 

This means that I no longer have any means of posting or putting pictures on the "Miss Lina" Facebook page. 

I have set up a new Facebook account and will be creating a new “Miss Lina” page as I am no longer able to administer the previous one. When the new page is up I will let you know so you can all like and follow it.  

Thank you for understanding,
Miss Lina x

Welcome to MissLina.com

Miss Lina Bournemouth corporal punishment wrestlingI am Miss Lina, a Swedish Mistress who has been based in Bournemouth since 2003.

One of my passions is Corporal Punishment. I love putting naughty boys over my knee and giving them a stinging, bare bottom spanking or have them bend over the back of a chair for a painful caning to teach them manners. Role-play is something I very much enjoy and I can supply various costumes for this, including headmistress, nurse, secretary, strict aunt, police woman and many others.

One of my other favourite intrests is wrestling, whether this is fantasy wrestling, where my opponent is totally at my mercy, or fully competitive, where I have a match on my hands.

I work from a domestic setting in a safe area that is easy to find with plenty of on-street parking. It is also located close to the train station. I cater for both beginners and the more experienced and I love teaching naughty boys and girls manners.

I look forward to hopefully hearing from you,

Best regards,
Miss Lina x